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A good luggage set is a must-have for the frequent or family traveler. Sets provide a variety of luggage to choose from for any length of trip. They are also more cost-effective than buying multiple pieces separately. The best sets consist of two or more suitcases plus bags for accessories such as shoes, laptops and toiletries. Many of the best sets can be conveniently stored inside the largest suitcase so they won't take up precious closet space. Here, we have identified some of the best luggage sets on the market that will keep all of your travel needs covered.

If you wish to have a memorable travel experience, then you certainly need to take a look at these best luggage sets. They will not disappoint you

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Nautica makes some of the best luggage sets, but our favorite has to be the Charter four-piece set. Nautica is a somewhat gender-neutral brand, and a lot of their luggage sets come with a tote bag as their smallest piece. For the guys who don’t want a tote bag, Nautica has created a few sets that have the tote replaced by a small duffle bag.

is a luggage brand that you may not be familiar with. Adolfo typically manufactures clothing, but also make one of the best luggage sets for men, so we had to add it to our top 5 list. It’s normally impossible to find a good quality set for under $200, but the folks at Adolfo provide a solid set four bags, plus a garment sleeve.